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Crewe Lines Ltd – Commercial Property Compliance Assurance

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Crewe Lines Ltd sought to ensure the safety and compliance of their electrical installations in their large-scale industrial facility. Understanding the criticality of electrical system reliability and the potential risks associated with non-compliance, they engaged us to perform an extensive EICR test.

Our team of highly skilled EICR Testing Engineers conducted a thorough examination of Crewe Lines Ltd’s electrical infrastructure. They inspected the distribution boards, machinery circuits, emergency lighting, earthing systems, and other critical components. The engineers meticulously analysed the system to identify any potential defects, hazards, or areas of non-compliance.

Upon completion of the inspection, we presented Crewe Lines Ltd with a comprehensive report. The report provided an overview of the current condition of their electrical system, highlighted any defects or non-compliance issues, and included recommended remedial actions to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Armed with the insights from our team detailed report, Crewe Lines Ltd promptly took action to address the identified issues. They collaborated with us to schedule the necessary repairs and upgrades to rectify the defects and bring their electrical system up to code.

John Smith – Residential Property Safety Upgrade

Location: London, United Kingdom

John Smith, a homeowner in London, recently purchased an older property and wanted to ensure the safety and compliance of the electrical installations. Concerned about potential hazards, John contacted us to perform an EICR test.

Our team promptly scheduled an appointment with John and conducted a comprehensive EICR test on his property. Our experienced EICR Testing Engineer meticulously inspected the electrical components, including the distribution board, circuits, sockets, switches, and lighting fixtures.

During the inspection, several safety issues were identified, such as outdated wiring and overloaded circuits. The EICR Testing Engineer discussed the findings with John, explaining the potential risks associated with the existing electrical installations and recommending necessary upgrades and repairs to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

John appreciated the transparency and professionalism and decided to proceed with the recommended upgrades and repairs to address the identified safety issues. Our team efficiently completed the required work, ensuring that John’s property was safe and compliant with the latest electrical safety standards.

John received a detailed report outlining the inspection findings, observations, and recommendations. He was impressed by the clarity and thoroughness of the report, which helped him understand the current state of his electrical installations and the importance of regular EICR testing.

Peak Manufacturing Ltd – Commercial Property Compliance Assurance

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Peak Manufacturing Ltd, a prominent manufacturing company in Manchester, reached out to us for assistance with ensuring the safety and compliance of their electrical systems across their large industrial facility. As a responsible employer, Peak Manufacturing recognised the significance of maintaining a secure working environment for their employees.

We deployed a team of experienced EICR Testing Engineers to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the electrical installations at Peak Manufacturing’s facility. The engineers examined the main switchboards, control panels, machinery connections, lighting systems, and other critical electrical components.

Throughout the inspection, the EICR Testing Engineers identified several electrical hazards, including overloaded circuits, faulty connections, and inadequate earthing. They promptly communicated their findings to the management team at Peak Manufacturing, emphasizing the potential risks and the urgent need for remedial action.

Peak Manufacturing were impressed with our teams professionalism and expertise. Recognising the importance of employee safety and compliance, they immediately authorized the recommended repairs and upgrades. Our team efficiently resolved the identified issues, working in collaboration with Peak Manufacturing’s maintenance team to minimize disruption to their operations.

Upon completion of the necessary repairs and upgrades, we conducted a follow-up EICR test to ensure that the electrical systems were now safe and compliant. Peak Manufacturing received a comprehensive report outlining the initial inspection findings, the performed repairs and upgrades, and the final compliance status of their facility.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our team, Peak Manufacturing achieved a significantly improved electrical safety rating for their facility. The company now has peace of mind knowing that they are providing a safe working environment for their employees and complying with all relevant electrical safety regulations.

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